2020-10-17 First Stop, Dirty Socks Spring

On Saturday morning I hit the road to Idaho after getting breakfast at my favorite restaurant (MexiCocina). I got the oil changed in the RV and the generator, and I topped off my propane tank, waved goodbye to my Poway home and drove north up the I-15. My chosen route threw me a curve. After … Read more

2020-10-22 Gallery Updates and Stories From The Road

In the nine days since my last post, I’ve been sharing my work on my Facebook page. I’ve updated eight more galleries and recalled an old memory of a great day at the Salton Sea. I’m now on the road and bound for Idaho. Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented or discouraged my pursuit of bird photography … Read more

2020-10-13 More Gallery Updates

I’m close to leaving on my next road adventure. I’m headed to Idaho via the long and winding road, where I plan to spend time with friends. I haven’t made up my mind about the road beyond Idaho, but I’m leaning towards a south and east general direction. I’m planning to head north on US-395 … Read more

2020 Texas Birds Annual Magazine

I was honored to contribute to the 2020 Texas Birds Annual Magazine of the Texas Ornithological Society (TOS). This spring, during my jaunt through Texas I was sharing my blogs with Texas birders. After settling into my Brownsville RV park at Breeze Lake, I was contacted with an email from editor Jack Eitniear. He explained … Read more

Is This A Hate Letter?

Does hate exist? From a philosophical perspective, a case could be made about the non-existence of things negative (hate being the negative of love). In short, the argument goes that if a quality can only be described by the absence of its opposite, then it doesn’t exist on its own merits. A defender of this … Read more

Blood In The Lungs, 2020 Edition

For a report on my December 2015 health crisis, read <This Post>. The last health report I posted was short on facts. Important information has since been revealed that explains my symptoms better than were previously understood. Recap: I’d been experiencing a nagging cough for two weeks, so last Tuesday I visited Urgent Care with … Read more

2020 Bird Gallery Updates: Part 1

One benefit of taking a lengthy journey, such as my 2020 Texas Expedition, is collecting images of new bird species for my species galleries. If I’ve met the bird before, I can add the new images and show a new region to display on the integrated gallery maps showing where I’ve met all the subjects … Read more