Missoula 1979

My preparations to move on from a home that has been a family shelter since 1961 has turned up several surprises. The most recent one was in a shoebox of old cassette tapes, only one of which interested me. The tape contained a collection of music I made around 1979, and I was a musical … Read more

2011-10-13 At The Salton Sea

Visits to the Salton Sea in Imperial County California rarely fail to yield nice visits with unusual birds. Some visits are more memorable than others. This October day in 2011 was a special day for me; it provided me with my first quality meeting with Laughing Gulls and the Thick-Billed Savannah Sparrow. Additionally other shorebirds, … Read more

2018-07-15 Sunday At The Cove And Other Places

Sunday I ventured into the “natural” world and took a much-needed break from the rigors of my house remodeling. I made the La Jolla Cove the focal point of my adventure. When I arrived a favorable parking place presented itself, which is always a good Sunday omen. So needed was this outing, I might have … Read more

Excerpts From “The Teachings Of Don Juan”

The following is not about birds, but mysticism. In June of 1960, Carlos Castaneda was student of anthropology at UCLA. While pursuing the study of medicinal plants of the Native Americans of the southwest, he was introduced to a wise old medicine man (don Juan) in Arizona who was a Yaqui Indian from across the … Read more

2017 Images In Review (it was a VERY good year)

Rebuilding virtually every page on my website (see my “2018-06-16 Busted Web Pages” post), I realized I hadn’t assembled a page for reviewing of all my 2017 blog images. It was, after all, quite a year for me. My travels took me to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and up and down through much of … Read more

2018-05 More Moments With Yardbirds

This past week I’ve been sneaking an hour or so in the late afternoon (when the light is favorable) to break from my projects and spend time with some of my yardbirds. Sometimes it’s enough to just listen to them sing, as spring is a great time for songs. Local singing emanates from resident Spotted … Read more