Memories of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park

Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park occupies 797-acres, with over 1,200 acres of adjoining U.S. Fish and Wildlife refuge tracts. In 1944, the Bentsen family donated 586.9 acres to the Texas Parks Board, stipulating that the land be used “solely for Public Park Purposes and shall be maintained, operated, known and designated as Bentsen Rio Grande … Read more

Memories Of Santa Ana NWR

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge nestles in 2,088 acres along the Rio Grande. With 14 miles of trails, there are almost limitless opportunities to meet birds and other wildlife. During migrations, they’re situated ideally to intercept birds travelling between their breeding grounds to the north, and their winter homes in Central and South America. Much … Read more

Memories Of The National Butterfly Center

In February 2021, Texas experienced some freakishly cold weather. We called it the “Big Freeze”. Electrical power failed for four days, and temperatures fell to 15°F and stayed low for several days before gradually relaxing its grip. It was during this unusual weather event that I first visited the National Butterfly Center, or NBC, in … Read more

Memories of Estero Llano Grande

South Texas is about as close to heaven for bird lovers as any place I’ve ever visited. The southmost part of the state is fondly called the Lower Rio Grande Valley, or LRGV. The last lazy 100 miles of the Rio Grande cradles more than a dozen birding oases. Choosing a favorite among the many … Read more

Bird Gallery Update: Now Completed

Before my recent surgery on Oct-25, I’d completed the revisions for the descriptions on all but one group of birds in my collection. That group was the Pelagic set. For the first few weeks after my eight-day hospital stay, I could not focus clearly on tasks such as research and writing, so the project stagnated. … Read more

Warbler Galleries Updated

With 40 species in the set, it was quite a chore to get them all updated. It is still an educational experience for me to sift through scholarly articles looking for useful information and interesting trivia. Some subjects lend themselves to the investigative process better than others. This is true, largely because we have not … Read more

Revisions, and My Continuing Education

I finished revising the collection of birds in the “Thrush” clan, and earlier this week I completed revisions to the “Thrasher” clan. Both sets are now ready for prime-time viewing <grin>. I’m learning a great deal about my subjects through the research I’ve been doing. I feel as though I’m traveling down familiar roads, but … Read more

Updates To The “Sparrow” Galleries

I’ve finished revising the species collection I call “Sparrows”. Besides the classic sparrows, it includes buntings, juncos, and towhees. All told, there are 39 species in this set. Included now with the descriptions is information about subspecies and their range, world-wide. Interested viewers should follow this link: <> I hope you enjoy the visit.