Warbler Galleries Updated

With 40 species in the set, it was quite a chore to get them all updated. It is still an educational experience for me to sift through scholarly articles looking for useful information and interesting trivia. Some subjects lend themselves to the investigative process better than others. This is true, largely because we have not … Read more

Revisions, and My Continuing Education

I finished revising the collection of birds in the “Thrush” clan, and earlier this week I completed revisions to the “Thrasher” clan. Both sets are now ready for prime-time viewing <grin>. I’m learning a great deal about my subjects through the research I’ve been doing. I feel as though I’m traveling down familiar roads, but … Read more

Updates To The “Sparrow” Galleries

I’ve finished revising the species collection I call “Sparrows”. Besides the classic sparrows, it includes buntings, juncos, and towhees. All told, there are 39 species in this set. Included now with the descriptions is information about subspecies and their range, world-wide. Interested viewers should follow this link: <https://shadetreeimaging.com/album/sparrow-group/> I hope you enjoy the visit.

Working Behind The Scenes

Since returning home from my second expedition to Texas this spring, I’ve occupied my time with improvements to my RV. The time I spent on the road these past months revealed some aspects of my rolling infrastructure that needed improvement. I began with the rooftop, by adding four 100 watt solar panels to the three … Read more

2021 Texas Exodus

The trip home: 2021-05-09 Day 1, Port Isabel to National Butterfly Center 2021-05-10 Day 2, NBC to Rio Grande City 2021-05-11 Day 3, Rio Grande City to Uvalde 2021-05-12 Day 4, Uvalde to Sanderson 2021-05-13 Day 5, Sanderson to El Paso 2021-05-14 Day 6, El Paso to Marana, AZ 2021-05-15 Day 7, Marana to Home … Read more

2021-05-10 National Butterfly Center

I couldn’t think of leaving Texas without seeing my friends at the National Butterfly Center (NBC) one more time. My planned route carried me through Mission anyway, so it was a natural choice to swing by for a visit. It was scorching hot (over 100°F) when I arrived mid-morning on Sunday, so I sheltered in … Read more

2021-05-08 SPI’s Friday Beaches

I spent much of my last day on South Padre Island on the sandy flat beach north of the Convention Centre. Until this day, I’d neglected this habitat for gulls, terns, skimmers and shorebirds, and I knew I’d find Black Terns there. I’ve met Black Terns in the Great Basin, but not here in Texas, … Read more