2022-05-21 Saturday in Lewistown Montana

Friday’s foul weather convinced me to find somewhere in Lewiston to settle in for the day. I found a large, unused parking area north of town, between the fairgrounds and a stockyard to settle in. The wet snow created a bit of a muddy mess there, but not so much as to set a trap … Read more

2022-05-18 Lovell WY to Bridger MT

In my last episode, I told of leaving Cody on Tuesday, the seventeenth, and driving a few miles north to Ralston Reservoir, where I found birds to enjoy and a place to park for the night. Wednesday morning I drove north through the rural farmlands and micro-towns, reaching Lovell Wyoming, where I found a small … Read more

2022-05-17 Two Days in Cody Wyoming

I spent my first night in Cody at the Walmart parking lot. I’d been having difficulty getting clear focus in my camera when taking long shots of large mammals. Modern dSLR cameras can be calibrated to compensate for accurate focusing on various lenses. I’ve only been using the Nikon D850 since beginning this trip last … Read more

2022-05-15 Yellowstone Get-a-Way

My stay in Yellowstone began Friday, with a night’s camping at the Madison Campground ten miles from the west entrance to the park. When Saturday morning rolled in, I launched on a drive to Mammoth Hot Springs at the north gate of the park. I passed a couple of “safari-syndrome” crowds on my drive, one … Read more

2022-05-13 Yellowstone Red Dogs

Bison calves are fondly referred to as “Red Dogs” because of their reddish coloration when they are born. When I reached my campsite in Yellowstone National Park Friday afternoon, I felt I needed to catch up as much as I could with the blogs from my last few days in Jackson Hole. There was no … Read more

2022-05-12 Wrapping It Up At Grand Teton

My last two days in Jackson Hole, weren’t very productive for megafauna, so my friend and fellow photographer Joe Ford indulged my propensity for chasing birds. After striking out on bears, we spent Wednesday at Oxbow Bend and Thursday at Jackson Lake Dam. Both locations rate high for birds, and are also potential places to … Read more

2022-05-10 Birds and Megafauna In Jackson Hole

I had a great week exploring Grand Teton National Park with my friend Joe Ford. Joe has a special fondness for what I call “megafauna”, and I fell into his rhythm of chasing bears, yet keeping an eye out for moose, elk, fox, coyote, and any other wildlife that crossed our path. We didn’t get … Read more

2022-05-08&09 Teton Bear Hunting

Saturday, my friend Joe Ford and I scouted the region north of camp around Moran, Moose, and Coulter Bay. These locations are part of Grand Teton National Park. Always on the lookout for wildlife, Grizzly Bears top the list of desirability for many of the visitors to the region. In particular, bear enthusiasts follow a … Read more

2022-05-04&05 First Days In Jackson Hole

I drove away from Payette Idaho yesterday late in the morning after tending to the RV’s holding tanks and having breakfast with my good friend, Art. Contrary to my usual preference, I stuck to the freeway and 280 miles later, I pulled into a rest area at Coldwater Idaho for the night. I was tired, … Read more

2022-04-26 Burns Again

Having spent Monday night at the Narrows RV Park near Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, I was ready to begin closing the gap to see my good friends in Payette Idaho. They served breakfast at the RV park, and I took advantage of their grub before saying goodbye to Malheur. There is a lonely Juniper tree … Read more