2004-06-23 Redington Road

In 2004, I was just beginning my education about birds and how to capture them in my images. It was an exciting time for me. Many of my meetings with birds would be my first meetings. I have a cousin who lives in Tucson Arizona with her husband, whom I enjoy spending time with when … Read more

The Tapestry; A Short Story

Once upon a time, an enormous woven tapestry was discovered by a wandering troop of people. They knew nothing of its origins, but they admired its intricate beauty. As they examined it, they realized they could feed themselves and find protection under its cover. Generations passed and the troop become a village. The people forgot … Read more

Things I Learned About Marbled Godwits

Marbled Godwits have a survivor’s story not unlike the Long-Billed Curlew. Both were hunted for meat in the late 19th century and suffered a population crash. Both birds depend on grasslands that are under pressure to be developed for agriculture.  In preparing for this post, I learned there is a small population (subspecies L. f. beringiae) … Read more

What’s An Avostilt?

I’ll never forget when in 2003 I first heard the expression “Avostilt”. The San Diego County Bird Atlas needed images of Elegant Terns and author Phil Unitt introduced me to the biology team monitoring the tern colonies at the south end of San Diego Bay. Elegant Terns had recently colonized the narrow dams separating the … Read more

2019-01-26 Merced National Wildlife Reserve

After spending the week with my family in Medford, I drove away on Friday, southbound on the I-5. My first stop was in Marysville California to visit a friend I knew from my previous life (before retirement). Gary had since retired too, and he and his wife moved back here two years ago, where they … Read more

2019-01-21 Sacramento and Colusa Refuges

Driving to see my family in Oregon, I took a little timeout to visit the reserves between Williams and Willows California (USA). The long interstate drive wore me down, especially the southern portion. I tried avoiding LA by skirting via the I-15 and Cajon Pass and crossing the high desert through Palmdale, but the plan backfired … Read more

Remembering Robert Willie White

Few people on this planet have not heard the guitar work of Robert Willie White. Until a few years ago I was among the multitudes of fans who had no clue about who he was. He was a member of the Funk Brothers, a group of musicians who played on more No. 1 records than … Read more