2004-06-23 Redington Road

Rufous-Crowned Sparrow - Aimophila ruficepsIn 2004, I was just beginning my education about birds and how to capture them in my images. It was an exciting time for me. Many of my meetings with birds would be my first meetings.

I have a cousin who lives in Tucson Arizona with her husband, whom I enjoy spending time with when I can, and they are kind enough to put up with me. On this occasion, I was looking to explore the outskirts of town and I learned of Redington Road east of Tanque Verde. It promised to give me an experience meeting nature in the rugged hills east of town. I met species I’d not seen before on this day. My meetings were with White-Winged Doves, Earless Lizard, Canyon Towhee (new), Rufous-Crowned Sparrow (new), Familiar Bluet (new), Bewick’s Wren, and Northern Cardinal.

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