2012-04-24 Chula Vista Again

Red Knot - Calidris canutusLow tide was early on this Tuesday morning. The mudflats at J Street were alive with waterfowl and shorebirds. I don’t get as many opportunities as I’d like to spend time with Blue-Winged Teals, but this morning I was able to enjoy their company.

Red Knots are some of the most well-travelled birds in the world. They travel all over the globe, through hemispheres east, west, north and south. Most of these birds use both American and European Atlantic coasts as their flyways, but some use the North American Pacific coast for their journeys. It was some of these few birds I met this day.

Birds I met on this excursion were Short-Billed Dowitcher, Blue-Winged Teal, Marbled Godwit, Red-Breasted Merganser, Eared Grebe, Red Knot, Cinnamon Teal, American Avocet.

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