2013-01-22 Bayfront Park In Chula Vista

Surf Scoter

Chula Vista Bayfront Park is positioned between the Chula Vista Marina and San Diego Bay. I make a point of visiting this place whenever I’m on errands nearby, but it often warrants a visit on its own merits. Wintering along the bay shore may be Brant, Surf Scoters, grebes and other divers near the shore.

South of the park at low tide, lies a vast mudflat where shorebirds, and egretta forage. If the tide is in, loons and grebes will chase fish into the shallows, and skimmers will fly by exercising their skill at slicing the calm water surface with their bills as only they can. Gulls and terns may fly by slowly offering eye-level views. The birds are great, but for the photographer, the lighting is a real challenge, as the sun is behind most of the subjects. Even so, the temptation to try is too strong for me to resist.

Birds I met on this expedition were Horned Grebe, Brant, Surf Scoter, Western Grebe, Eared Grebe, Pacific Loon, Forster’s Tern, Northern Harrier.

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