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2013-04-13 Spring In The Ramona Grasslands

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

The Ramona Grasslands is a 3,521-acre preserve located west of the town of Ramona. I took my fat-tire bike and camera gear out on a Saturday morning to investigate some of the trails winding through the park’s chaparral-covered slopes above the grasslands. These trails are enjoyed by hikers, bicyclers and equestrians alike. I make a point of stopping and moving to the side of the road when I encounter anyone on the trail, ESPECIALLY horses. I don’t want to spook an animal and get a rider hurt.

I didn’t meet a long list of birds. Instead, I enjoyed intimate encounters with Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers setting up nesting territories among the brushy habitat. I also met a Black-Chinned Sparrow while touring this location.

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