2013-05-08 Lake Hodges Passerines

Blue Grosbeak
Blue Grosbeak Female

There are trails around Lake Hodges well suited to hiking and biking. I drove to the community sports park off West Bernardo Drive this Wednesday morning to look for Blue Grosbeaks. I knew them to nest in the area. I was able to locate several pairs of this chaparral loving species on my bike explorations over the low slopes above the lake. As I rode the trails, I made frequent stops to investigate other birds in the ‘hood. Riding the last leg of the trip past the lake shore, I stopped to enjoy the Western and Clark’s Grebes perform their ‘water-dances’; such a lovely sight, this ballet of theirs.

Birds I met this day were Blue Grosbeak, Northern Mockingbird, Common Yellow-Throat, Western Scrub-Jay, or California Scrub-Jay, Spotted Towhee, California Thrasher, California Towhee, Ash-Throated Flycatcher, Western Grebe.

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