2013-05-10 Iron Mountain Blues

Lazuli Bunting - Passerina amoenaMy house sits on a small hill at the west end of Poway Valley and Iron Mountain looms large 6.5 miles to the east of my front yard. It makes for a lovely view out of my living room window, but on this Friday morning it was a much closer view I sought.

Hike-bike-horse trails weave through the tall chaparral-covered slopes flanking this small mountain. Some of these trails ascent to the summit where I understand the views of the county are amazing. I occasionally venture out to visit the trails on the lower elevations where grass meets the tall brush. Sparrow, towhee, thrasher, jay, and raptor encounters are likely throughout most of the year. Spring and summer brings the possibility of seasonal visitors. My hope this May morning was to meet some of these birds. Walks through this area in prior springs enlightened me to the presence of Blue Grosbeaks and Lazuli Buntings. I hoped to get reacquainted with these lovely azure feathered delights. I sought to get ‘the blues’.

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