2013-06-24 Tijuana River Valley

Black Skimmer
Black Skimmer at the Tijuana River Mouth, Imperial Beach, San Diego County, California.

My aim on this Monday morning was to enjoy the company of birds, whoever they may be. A good place to accomplish such a goal is the Tijuana River Valley.

I stopped at the Bird and Butterfly Gardens after breakfast, but did not find any feathered friends compelling me to linger, so I drove out to Border Field, where things are often interesting. There, the resident Snowy Plovers came out to meet me, and Black Skimmers grazed for small fish over the waves.

When the beach had given me the birds it was willing to share, I drove to the Dairy Mart Ponds and visited some of the creatures that haunt its margins.

Creatures seen on this day were Snowy Plover, Black Skimmer, Western Gull, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Mexican Amberwing, Mallard.

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