2013-10-29 Northern Waterthrush At Dairy Mart Ponds

Northern Waterthrush
Northern Waterthrush at the Dairy Mart Ponds in the Tijuana River Valley, in the vicinity of San Ysidro, California. San Diego County.

I’d heard reports of a Northern Waterthrush at the ‘stick pond’ near Dairy Mart Road for at least a month. Having looked and failed to find this bird when on my 2005 Alaska expedition, I took a run at this warbler now in my backyard. I often wait too long to respond to ‘rarity reports’, finding they’ve gone by the time I get around to following up such leads, but I’d rather meet a bird in its home range than on my own. On this Tuesday in late November, all the ‘me firsters’ had had their tick marks entered on their lists, and I was able to meet the bird with no crowd in sight.

Besides the Northern Waterthrush, I also met a Song Sparrow and a Common Yellow-Throat.

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