2014-02-14: A Visit To Chula Vista

Great Blue Herons Nesting

South of San Diego, about halfway to the border with Mexico, the city of Chula Vista has a boat launch and a marina that abuts San Diego Bay. The waters of the bay surrounding this small harbor within the bay are shallow,  and diving ducks frequently hang out nearby. At the south facing shoreline there are wide mud flats that can be covered with shorebirds, terns and gulls when exposed. I try to visit here whenever I am in the area.

Between the harbor and the bay is a park with pine and other trees planted. It is not uncommon to find Great Blue Herons raising families among the upper branches. By late spring the hatched birds are as big as their parents, though still awkward and gangly. Watching these youngsters trying to convince their parents they deserve the food being brought in more than their siblings is a hoot.

This day Bufflehead ducks were performing on center stage and I was their appreciative audience. I tried capturing their ‘arc of the diver’ poses.

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