2014-02-26 Tubb Canyon Trail

Black-Throated Sparrow

I’d heard recent reports of interesting birds sighted near Tubb Canyon, and never having visited this place before, I was eager to explore it. I do not recall what bird was reported, and it does not matter. I very much enjoyed those birds that shared their space and time with me.

Montezuma Grade descends the eastern slopes of the mountains which separate the coast and the deserts of San Diego County. A short distance before this eastbound route descends the steepest of rocky slopes and opens to the magnificent vistas of the desert below, there is a pullout where one can park and hike a trail proceeding south and east. This is the Tubb Canyon Trail. There is a persistent water source at the bottom of Tubb Canyon, but I was not willing to descend the trail leading down to it. The steepness of the path from the ridge above, and the heavy photo gear I carry to capture images, persuaded me to decline its offer. Instead, I contented myself with the sparrows and wrens inhabiting the desert scrub above.

The birds I met this day were Northern Mockingbird, Brewer’s Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow, White-Crowned Sparrow, Black-Throated Sparrow, Bewick’s Wren, Rock Wren.

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