2014-03-22 Lincoln’s Sparrows In My Yard

Lincoln's Sparrow - Melospiza lincolnii

I remember well March 2014 because I enjoyed the company of five or six Lincoln’s Sparrows in my front yard for about a month. Lincoln’s sparrows are not rare in San Diego County though we only get to see them here in winter. Come spring these birds migrate north to breed and raise the next generation, traveling as far as Alaska and northern Canada.

I once met this bird in Alaska while exploring a long gravel road south of Denali called the Petersville Road. I didn’t know what I’d discover in the low conifers where I found myself. It didn’t matter much, most of the birds I met were a new to me. It was in this setting I discovered the Lincoln’s Sparrow for the first time.

Being able to renew my acquaintance with these birds in the intimacy of my patio setting was an enjoyable episode for me.

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