2014-11-30 Cattle Call Park

Abert's Towhee - Melozone aberti

Cattle Call Park in Brawley California is rodeo arena at the western edge of town. Unusual birds will occasionally make an appearance here. My only meeting with a Gray Flycatcher was at this location. What makes this place ‘birdy’ is its proximity to the New River, a ditch of muddy water draining out of Mexicali Mexico and deposits into the Salton Sea’s southernmost point. While I might not care for the water in the ‘river’ for worry about heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, the birdlife doesn’t seem affected.

My most common bird encounters at this location are with mockingbirds and towhees. The only birds I captured here this day were Northern Mockingbird and Abert’s Towhee.

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