2014, A Year I Almost Forgot

Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel

This post preceded a series of posts I went to the archives for an retold those lost stories.

I have images catalogued by dates going back to 2003. Before that my cataloging system was more ‘subject’ oriented, which is impossible to keep pace with time. By switching to a date system I’m able to watch my own evolution as a photographer take shape, and it also serves as a diary of sorts to remind me of places I’ve been and things I was doing at the time. The journals I produced back then were hand written and I can’t even think now where I might have stored them. I began keeping electronic journals late in 2015 and therefore it is much more effective to review, especially when telling the stories about the pictures I like to share on my blog.

I have tons of images I’d like to share, and the records of my thoughts are unavailable. So what can I do? I decided to revisit these older image sets and do my best to recall memories of what I was doing during these episodes, so beginning with the year 2014, I plan to present the stories and images that have meaning for me during this period. Please bear with me and I will try to take you with me on my time machine.

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