2014 November Bullhead City Attractions

Wild Burros

Bullhead City Arizona sits on the Colorado River below Davis Dam and across the river from Laughlin Nevada. I have friends there whom I enjoy visiting occasionally.

Havasu National Wildlife Reserve covers a wide swath of river valley stretching north from Lake Havasu to a few miles south of Bullhead City. During past visits with my friends I’ve been able to get familiar with several pullouts where there is access to the wetlands adjacent to the river. I like to pay visits to these places as I’m driving north towards my destination. I was able to meet birds in that way, not likely to be found in the drier desert areas away from the river.

My friend had been recovering from an accident in which he received 3rd degree burns to his arm and face. The long recovery and painful rehab he required prevented him from any recreational activities, and he asked me to join him on a camping trip up Silver Creek, which I thought it was a great idea. While out camping I was able to meet the birds who specialize in the arid rocky conditions found there.

Many years ago miners worked claims throughout the region. Donkeys were their only means of carrying their equipment and supplies into the desert canyons where the metals they sought were buried in the ground. For many of these miners, donkeys were their only companions for long periods. When these men finished their quests, they had no need for the animals any longer. Most of these men released the animals to desert when they were finished with their services. Descendents of these animals still roam these dry hills and valleys. While camping with my friend we met some of these hardy creatures.

Creatures I met during my visit here were Sora, Black-Tailed Gnatcatcher, Rock Wren, Black-Throated Sparrow, Wild Burro.

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