2015-02-01 Tijuana River Valley

Yellow-Rumped Warbler - Setophaga coronata coronataI decided to head back down to the Tijuana River Valley this ‘Superbowl Sunday” to look for rare birds. I sorta struck out on some, but found some semi-rare birds I hadn’t expected. The Common Goldeneye at the Dairy Mart ‘Stick Pond’ did not pose well, but I took some ID quality shots anyway. While looking for the reported Harris’ Sparrow (and failing), a birding friend showed me my first ‘for sure’ Myrtle Warbler, which is always a special experience.

Birds images collected this day were for Common Goldeneye, Common Yellow-Throat, Cooper’s Hawk, Eared Grebe, Mallard, Marsh Wren and Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Myrtle Warbler).

Images Below

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