2015-05-03 Silver Creek

Golden Valley Campsite - n/aWhile I was visiting my friends in Bullhead City Arizona, my friend Jack Norris wanted to go camping at a place he’d found while volunteering for ‘search and rescue’. He’d been healing up from severe burns he suffered last fall and only now was he recovered enough the want to venture out for a camp over.

Golden Valley is the site of several mines. We camped at one of them on this day. The campsite, as you can see from the images, was rugged, stark and beautiful. I was able to get some decent images of Canyon Towhees and some so-so shots of Black-Throated Sparrows.

After we broke camp the next morning we drove into historic Oatman, whose origins were as a mining town in the 1860’s. It now seems to be an artist/tourist town where wild burros freely roam the streets. We were unlucky on this morning, as none of the eateries were open and we had to drive back to Bullhead City for breakfast.

Images from this trip include scenery, Black-Throated Sparrow and Canyon Towhee are Below

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