2015-05-18 Jackson to Yellowstone

Grand Teton Range - n/aMy friend Rick and I drove up from Jackson to Yellowstone for the day. I was looking for the Harlequin Ducks that were at the “Fishing Bridge” at the NE corner of Yellowstone Lake. As it turned out I was either late, or the ducks had moved to a different area.

The drive between both of these beautiful locations has a scenery payoff that is hard to beat. Like much of my time in this region, the weather was a blend of rain flurries, and partly cloudy skies. The route along the combined US-89, US-287 and US-191 follows the Snake River into Yellowstone Park and then climbs out of the valley past Lewis Lake and the “West Thumb” of Yellowstone Lake where it connects to US-20. The road on US-20 to Old Faithful Geyser Basin was closed due to a bridge failure, so our only route was on to the “Fishing Bridge” where the Yellowstone River feeds into Yellowstone Lake.

The images I attached to this story are of a female Common Goldeneye and some scenery and can be seen below:

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