2015-05-19 Moose-Wilson Road Re-Visited

YellowRumpedWarbler - Setophaga coronata auduboniThat I did not find the Black-Backed Woodpecker does not, in my mind constitute a failure. Those birds that I did find made this outing a success … glass half full. On this day the Williamson’s Sapsucker made a nice show for me. It was also on this day that I realized just how similar the sounds (taps, drumming, calls) that ALL sapsuckers are. So far on this trip I’ve met the Red-Naped and the Williamson’s members. Later on the trip I would be meeting the Red-Breasted Sapsucker. The drum tap cadence is very nearly the same as the other sapsuckers … I can’t differentiate by ear. It’s a “dut-dadadut–dut-dut” sound from each of these. And the calls are quite similar as well. I can’t trust my ears to distinguish ID’s on these birds.

The birds I was able to record on this day were American Robin, Chipping Sparrow, Dark-Eyed Junco, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Three-Toed Woodpecker, Williamson’s Sapsucker and Audubon’s Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

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