2015-05-27 Bitterroot Valley, Days 4 and 5

Spotted Sandpiper - Tringa maculariaLee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge near Stevensville Montana in the Bitterroot Valley sits along the Bitterroot River about 25 miles from where it empties into the Clark Fork River in Missoula. There are grassy fields, small lakes, meandering streams, marshes and riparian areas. Great Blue Herons nest in the taller trees. Ospreys nest on erected platforms and most of the birds found at this site (there are plenty) seem well adapted to conditions found on this reserve.

There were woodpeckers here I know, but they evaded me successfully. Subjects that I did manage to capture were Bald Eagle, Black-Billed Magpie, California Quail, Canada Geese, Canada Goose Babies, Chipping Sparrow, Cinnamon Teal, Common Yellow-Throat, Eastern Kingbird, Gadwall, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Mountain Cottontail, Northern Flicker, Northern Shoveler, Redhead, Red-Winged Blackbird, Spotted Sandpiper, Western Wood-Pewee and Yellow-Headed Blackbird. I was very pleased with the results on some of the birds, especially the flicker and the yellow-throat.

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