2015-06-05 Klamath Falls Run

Marshlands - n/aAfter my refreshing, even inspirational stay at Fields Oregon <Read Saga Page>, I headed off to meet the road to Klamath Falls. The road from Malheur, though Fields and on to Denio Nevada is Oregon Route 205. South of Denio it is called Nevada Route 292. It intersects Nevada Route 140 where my route turned westward. This route goes through some nice scenery at Virgin Creek and later goes through the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge before it crosses back into Oregon and becomes Oregon Route 140. Much of the country along this route is wide-open sagebrush prairie and perfect habitat for Sage Thrashers and Sagebrush Sparrows. Westward the route goes through the farming town of Adel Oregon and climbs again along Deep Creek, where I was compelled to capture more scenic images. This section, called the Warner Highway gains altitude and gets a little ‘piney’ before dropping into Lakeview Oregon along US-395. From Lakeview Route 140 (now called Klamath Falls – Lakeview Highway) crosses more forested high country before it goes through Bly Oregon and later follows the Sprague River into Beatty Oregon. Later the route crosses more elevated woods and drops into the Yonna Valley and the town of Dairy Oregon. At last this route finds the Lost River and follows it a short distance into the Klamath Falls Valley, my destination for this leg of the journey.

Subjects I encountered on this trip were Brewer’s Sparrow, Green-Tailed Towhee, Sage Thrasher, Sagebrush Sparrow, Western Tanager and some scenery.

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