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2015-06-18 So Endeth The Journey

Map of 2015 Big Trip
5300 Miles, 53 Days (in red)

April 27, 2015 I departed my home in Poway for an expedition through eight western states, California to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. The journey lasted 53 days and traversed over 5300 miles and concluded on June 18.

Though I met about 160 bird species, these are some of my favorite encounters from the trip.

I eliminated many worthy images from this presentation, but a more complete account can be viewed by connecting to the “BlogPics” page and selecting from the sets on display there.

Below are links to each episode from start to finish.

2015-04-27 Julian,  2015-04-28 Salton Sea,  2015-04-28 Ramer Lake,  2015-04-28 Cibola,  2015-04-28 Bill Williams NWR,  2015-05-02 Havasu NWR,   2015-05-03 Silver Creek,  2015-05-05 Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve,  2015-05-06 Zion National Park,  2015-05-07 Otter Creek and Bicknell Bottoms,  2015-05-08 Bicknell Bottoms,   2015-05-09 Fish Lake Utah,  2015-05-10 Two Days At Antelope Island,  2015-05-12 Two Days At Bear River,  2015-05-13 Drive to Pinedale,  2015-05-16 Jackson Wyoming,  2015-05-17 Moose-Wilson Road,  2015-05-18 Jackson to Yellowstone,  2015-05-19 Moose-Wilson Road Re-Visited,  2015-05-22 Teton and Yellowstone Parks,  2015-05-25 3rd Day In The Bitterroot Valley,  2015-05-27 Bitterroot Valley, Days 4 and 5,  2015-06-01 Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area,  2015-05-31 Bird Island Reserve,  2015-06-02 Malheur Run,  2015-06-03 Malheur NWR,  2015-06-05 Klamath Falls Run,  2015-06-05 Klamath Falls,  2015-06-09 Ken Denman Reserve,  2015-06-10 Applegate Valley,  2015-06-11 Siskiyou Mountains,  2015-06-14 Oregon Into California,  2015-06-15 Eureka to Fort Ross, 2015-06-16 Fort Ross to King City and 2015-06-17 King City to Morro Bay.

Below are my “Favorite Images from 2015”. Most of these are from this expedition: