2015-10-18 Mount Lemmon

Another journal entry:

With the Samurai out of commission and waiting for its transmission, I found myself dependent on the kindness of loved ones for excursions. On this morning we all piled into the truck and headed up Mount Lemmon to have breakfast at a restaurant called “The Iron Door”. By reputation it is a very worthwhile destination for breakfast, but only open for a few hours on the weekend and not open during the week. The food was delightful. I had a ‘typical’ egg breakfast, but my table mates had various exotic pastries. We were there 10 minutes after opening, but were too late for some of their local berry turnovers. There was a nip in the air so we opted for indoor dining by the fire. I’ve seen some big fireplaces in my travels, but none as big as the one we enjoyed on this morning. It was sunken in a large grotto that occupied perhaps a quarter of the room.

When we finished our meal we stepped out and I took a few snaps of the trees in their fall colors. I only had my 70-200mm lens with me, otherwise I might have been able to capture better images.

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