2015-10-27 Madera Canyon

Tubac-to-MaderaCanyonLeaving Tubac Arizona I wanted to visit Madera Canyon. That required a night in Green Valley at an overpriced motel. Hindsight tells me I should have traveled north 26 miles and stayed in a low priced lodge, but I didn’t do that. I stayed at the Best Western for $110 (with tax). The room and the facility was nice enough, and it included breakfast. Green Valley is just not my kind of town. Its an artificial oasis of country clubs and golf courses. Some people like that sort of thing, but I don’t count myself among them.

Madera Canyon is beautiful. I can see how it is so popular. It is a steep canyon with creek playing at its bottom. Oaks of several varieties are full of acorns line its course with sycamores and other canyon loving species. Conifers transition at the upper elevations. I found the Arizona Woodpecker (at last) in the company of Northern Flickers, Mexican Jays, Bridled Titmice, Yellow-Eyed Juncos, Brown Creepers, Acorn Woodpeckers, House Wrens, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Townsend’s Warblers and even a Magnificent Hummingbird (female). I must return to revisit this place!

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