2015-10-27 Marana Powered Paragliders

Leaving Madera Canyon, I drove into southern Tucson to beat the high cost of lodging in Green Valley. This road would take me near the shop where Sami got the transmission repaired in Marana Arizona. I thought it would be good opportunity to visit the mechanic that did the work. I wanted to fine tune the adjustment on my clutch. I caught him at the end of his day and he wanted to fly his ultra-lite before the light got too bad to fly. I followed him to the field behind his shop where he and a buddy setup to fly.

Albert builds these machines himself. They are the simplest of designs with a modest skeleton of aluminum, a seat and a small engine to power the push-prop. The wing is a paraglide sail that pops up on takeoff from its arranged perch on the ground behind the chassis. The wind produced almost immediately brought the sail up and after run a hundred feet the entire contraption was airborne. I took a few pictures to send back to Albert.

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