2015-11-12 Arizona Trip Favorites

Trip Map, October 2015.

Mid October I finally launched my expedition into southern Arizona. I’d have left sooner but for the ‘fixit’ jobs at home that delayed my get-away. On my way to Tucson I suffered a transmission failure that cost me some time, money and frustrations.

Once my mechanical issues were sorted out, I accomplished most of my goals. I had the idea of working on birds that were missing or under-represented in my image collection, but common in the territories I’d be traveling through. One man’s dirt is another man’s gold.

The journey covered close to 1700 miles. Some of my favorite shots from the trip can be viewed below.

Segments of the trip are documented on the following pages:

2015-10-16 Salton Sea,

2015-10-18 Mount Lemmon,

2015-10-20~22 Catalina Highway,

2015-10-23 Rustler Park,

2015-10-25 Garden Canyon,

2015-10-26 Tubac,

2015-10-27 Madera Canyon,

2015-10-27 Marana Arizona,

2015-10-29 Arivaca,

2015-10-30 Outside Gila Bend, and

2015-10-31 Salton Sea.

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