2016-03-17 A Day At The Albuquerque Zoo

Mandarin Duck - Aix galericulata

On Friday 2016-03-17 Jerry and I headed to the Albuquerque Zoo. I’d been there years ago (on Jerry’s advice) to photograph feral Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers, and I was hoping for more of the same. I found no mergansers this day, but a pair of Mandarin Ducks more than set the ledger in the black. On my first visit to this location there was a light rain and a very soft light. On today’s visit, the light was bright, making it a challenge to keep the contrast to tolerable levels much of the day.

After spending a generous amount of time with the ducks, we decided to take a look at the zoo’s captives. Wolves, Polar Bears and Giraffes were fun to shoot. The challenge in such locations, is making it appear that the animals are NOT captive. There are those who would rather not place these critters in enclosures for public display… a sentiment I understand and appreciate. To those objectors I ask, ”If I do not take their pictures, would these animals suddenly become free?”.

Images from this day can be viewed below:

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