2016-03-19 Albuquerque Botanic Gardens

Saturday 2016-03-19


Shooting macro images of flowers is something that interested me early in my ‘career’, but I rarely do so anymore. Most of you reading this and who’ve known me for a while know of my passion for capturing bird images. One aspect of capturing bird images that can be trying is the fact that the birds are in control of the scene. The background, the lighting, the pose, are all these are determined by the bird’s actions. It is the photographer’s hope to capture an image which displays the bird with all these factors in a complementary manner. The reward for me, is when all these elements come together in a pleasing image. Often these resist combination, so most captures are only ‘partially’ successful. In most instances, I feel the results I achieve are a compromise in this collaboration, or a blend of art and science.

Jerry and some members of his camera club met up on this Saturday morning at the local botanic gardens. I was invited to join the group, and I thought the change of pace would be good for me. I set my mind on an approach to this day’s photography. I decided to work in an ‘abstract’ manner. There is freedom of expression possible in approaching flower closeups this way. By treating the subjects as abstracts, I am looking to get the lines suggested by these images to flow through the frame. That was the challenge for me.

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