2016-04-05 Heading North (Before I Go East)

n/aOn Friday 2016-03-11 I launched on a drive that would cover 2650 miles across 3 states.

A visit to see my good friends in Bullhead City Arizona would complete the first leg of my expedition, but there was a new friend I met at the end of my last expedition that lives in Yucca Valley (California), and I wanted to pay her a visit. Yucca Valley is in the high desert of the Mojave Desert, near Joshua Tree National Park. After meeting up at a local restaurant for a late lunch, we took a quick tour of the park and I learned a little of the local history. The visit to the park included a hike to a dam that was built by settlers in the early 1900’s, the story of which can be read <here>. I didn’t take a camera with me, so I have no images to share from that day.

The following morning, after a good breakfast, my friend took me to a remote area, and we hiked to some rocky outcrops where there were numerous petroglyphs. It was a gorgeous day, but I only took my phone to record the memories. The birds I encountered on scene there were wrens (Rock, Canyon & Bewicks) sparrows (White-Crowned & Black-Throated). Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets and Sage Thrashers were also present.

Scenery Images below:

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