2016-04-08 Hanging Out In Albuquerque

Black-tailed Prairie Dog - Cynomys ludovicianus

The primary motivation for me to take this trip has been to hang with my friend of many years. Jerry is a first-rate photographer, and he loves nature photography for many of the same reasons as I. I think no one has more fun capturing and sharing images than him. For many years he has built a business around photography, covering different disciplines, but all the legal community around central New Mexico know Jerry for his work in forensic photography. I think he still pays his bills doing forensic related work, his work out in nature and teaching are some of his favorite ways to spend his time.

While Jerry was hosting me we traveled locally to the Zoo and Botanic Gardens and we toured several locations to the south in the Rio Grande Valley including Belen, Los Lunas, San Lorenzo Canyon and Bosque del Apache. There were also some solo outings for me at the Rio Grande Nature Center included which I’m sure Jerry needed to keep caught up with his working responsibilities.

On the day of my arrival in Albuquerque Jerry and I took a run down to Belen, just a few miles south. There are some marshy ponds that were saved from the blades of big earth destroying machines by the local Audubon Society. The birds were not near enough for compelling pictures, but we found prairie dogs were more cooperative. Pictures from that day can be seen below: 

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