2016-04-24 Klamath Falls Gulls

Bonaparte's Gull

Bonaparte’s Gulls are one of the smaller species of birds in the ‘gull’ clan. Until this spring day in Klamath Falls, all my encounters with this species were of immature or winter adults. None were adorned with the black hood of breeding adults. When first I posted about this April 24, 2016 visit I somehow forgot to include this set of images, even though they were my favorites. I guess I got so consumed telling the story of the geological evolution of the area, I forgot these birds. (See that story <Here>.)

I was visiting birds at my favorite location at the edge of the city of Klamath Falls where the Klamath River drains from Upper Klamath Lake into Lake Ewauna. I’ve had many an enjoyable encounters with birds at the small park at this location (Veteran’s Park). At about 4pm a group of a dozen or more of these birds moved in and treated me to some intimate views.

Images Below:

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