2016-05-06 Tule Lake


I’ve been waffling about which route would carry my homeward. One choice would drive me further east in Oregon before finding Highway 395 south. Such a path would add many miles and at least a day to my trip, so I opted for a general backtrack, but through Alturas in Modoc County. On my trip north I chose a slightly different road out of Susanville. Today I would explore the terrain around Tule Lake. I discovered that there still is a lake there. Modified with a dike and levee system, the surrounding areas are pumping the water out of the agricultural development and back into the lake. This allows farmers to raise crops, while still maintaining a high degree of viable habitat for wildlife. I found my way onto a road for self-guided tours around the south side of the lake and found many grebes, both Western and Eared that seemed to be nesting. I found a marshy area at the southeast section of the lake that appeared to be a nesting area for American White Pelicans. I took pictures of the birds that I found before I turned away from the lake and towards Alturas.

Images Below:

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