2016-06-10, 24 Hours On Santa Rosa Mountain

Friday morning I headed to Santa Rosa Mountain to test my RV against the miserable dirt and rock road up the mountain. I was concerned about some of the roughest sections of the road, but the Travato handled it well and I didn’t leave any spare parts scraped off along the way.

The water flow at the springs was strong on my arrival and I setup near my favorite spot to ambush birds with my camera. As usual, I took way too many pictures before the light failed. Later I got a surprise visit from my friend David, who loves the mountain as much as I. We visited and swapped lies until the wee hours when David headed off to his favorite spot at Stump Springs. I turned in and spent a comfortable night in my own bed.

Saturday morning’s water flow from the spring was disappointingly slow, probably due to some blockage in the pipe system that the USFS installed a few years ago. This reduction in flow had a negative effect on the avian visitors. Having taken too many pictures Friday, why not take more on Saturday? Most of my past images were produced under the deep shade of the ceder canopy. On this outing I worked the open flat areas on the roadway. The birds I met were the same as I’ve gotten in the past, but the lighting was different. It was too early to meet the wide array of warblers often found here, but the Yellow-Rumped Warblers seem to be breeding in the area and they did not disappoint.

Images Below:

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