2016-11-06 Mammal Atlas Update

Peromyscus boylii

The Brush Mouse was the last subject for the San Diego County Mammal Atlas we added to the image collection. When I took on the role of ‘image wrangler’ for this project, there were several subjects whose images were missing from the story. This past Tuesday we filled the final void.

I’m headed out to the Mojave Desert for the next 10 days to work with the museum bird and mammal team on another project. When we return, we plan to spend time gathering images from the specimen collection at the museum to show details of Peromyscus and Chaetodipus tails. I’ll use the images to create composite sets to illustrate the comparisons. I believe those images will close the door on the image gathering phase of the atlas project.

We’ve received the first proofs back from the typesetter. The authors have made a few minor corrections to those accounts. I think the anticipation many interested parties have had for this book will prove worthwhile. It’s going to be splendid!