2017-02-11 The Rocky Islands

San Roque and Asuncion Map

This was an exciting day for us and would be our first contact with terra firma in three days. We’d travelled approximately halfway down the Baja peninsula. Our time on these rocky islands was brief. And while few expected ground-breaking science to precipitate this day, but I realized how eager all our members were to dig and sift through the elements of these islands and uncover signs of life. In being in the company of this troupe, I realized I was the luckiest “fly-on-the wall”.

Finally, out from under the heavy cloud layer, I had fewer excuses for image quality due to low light. If anything, there was too much sun. However, waiting for the magical end of day sun was not an option. I’m rarely satisfied completely with images I take, but this day’s takes are more gratifying than the earlier offerings from this trip.