2017-03-21 Poway Community Park

American Pipit

Starting my morning “constitutional” at Poway Community Park this day, I noticed  a Killdeer foraging in the now fast moving shallow water of Rattlesnake Creek. I liked the way the light played with the bird and the water, but stretching my legs was my mission, and I kept moving. I found a dozen or two American Pipits on the ball fields along with several Lark and Song Sparrows. None of these were out of the ordinary, yet these companions cheered my up.

As I was walking back to my vehicle, the Killdeer was still foraging where I’d seen him/her earlier. I opted to fetch my camera from my van and spend some quality time with it. As I was working with the Killdeer, a pipit joined the party and I captured a few images of him/her as well.

Images Below:

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