2017-04-20 Salton Sea: Bowles Road to Red Hill

Lesser Nighthawk

I spent the night at Bowles Road and woke up early to find a swarm of tree swallows all around me. It was a bright and clear morning so I took out my camera and chased pixels. Swallows are very flighty subjects and difficult to capture well, but I tried my best.

Later I drove to the visitor center at Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge and visited with the head ranger Chris and gave him updated information about the progress of the mammal Atlas. I asked him about a good place for breakfast and he recommended Buckshot Diner in Niland. I followed his recommendation and enjoyed a nice meal there.

After breakfast I drove to Red Hill Marina Campground to look for lesser Nighthawks roosting. I was not disappointed found several in Mesquite along the road into the camp. A day pass at the camp is only $2, and well worth it for the visit with these birds. On my way to Red Hill I passed a Great Horned Owl on a power pole and snapped a couple of frames before the bird tired of me and flew off. 

Images Below:

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