2017-07-13 Eastern Sierra Scenery

Ellery Lake

Occasionally I’ll take a short break from pointing my camera at birds and take in some of the surrounding scenery. Today I’m sharing some of those images. A brief description follows in chronological order.

Horsetail Falls is along Rush Creek as it descends from the highest elevations into the June Lakes area and ends its journey to Mono Lake.

Sardine Creek runs along CA-108 as it falls to the east from near the summit of Sonora Pass and ends in the West Fork Walker River at Leavitt Meadows.

Leavitt Falls and Leavitt Meadows: Leavitt Creek descends from Leavitt Mountain. The 300 foot falls drop into Leavitt Meadows and into the West Fork Walker River.

Bridgeport Marsh is a pastoral grassy plain south of Bridgeport presenting a dramatic contrast to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west.

Virginia Lakes are west of US-395 at an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet it is about 7 miles northwest of Mono Lake.

Ellory Lake is on Tioga Pass near the summit on the eastern slope along Lee Vining Creek.

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