2017-08-14 Capitol Reef FlyBy

Panorama Point

As I write this note from Salt Lake, it is one week since I left home on this expedition. I’ve been so busy these past days, I’ve not been able to stay current with my little stories. Today’s story is about another episode in which I held my phone to the windshield to capture images while moving along highway. My friends tell me this technique deserves a name like “SELFIE”. After giving it some thought, “FLYBY” shot seems to fit the bill, so that is what I will call these henceforth.

Capitol Reef Utah is east of Bicknell where I stayed one day to chase birds (I’ll share that episode later). My friend Jerry started his drive from Albuquerque early on Monday as I was pulling into Bicknell. His route put his destination for the night at Green River Utah and we decided to rendezvous there and caravan the next day into Salt Lake City. This gave me the opportunity to travel the road through Capitol Reef National Park. A few of the images in this set were captured with my good camera and lens, but the majority are FLYBY shots. Some of the FLYBY shots have reflections of the dash in the frame, but such are the risks you take when pioneering a new technique.

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