2017-08-16 Bear River

Western Grebe - Aechmophorus occidentalis

After showing Jerry and me the Promontory Road raptors in the early morning, Joe took us out to the Bear River Migratory Bird Reserve. While I’d visited this area in the spring of 2015, there really isn’t a limit on visits to such places. It will offer different treats each time.

For those who are not familiar with the reserve, the Bear River empties into the Great Salt Lake via a delta and wetland, partitioned by levies that alternate as flooded fields, ponds and marshy grass fields. Shorebirds, waterfowl, pelicans, blackbirds and swallows abound. Changing seasons mean the scenes and the avian occupants will be different depending on the time of year. I will need many more visits to decide which season is my favorite.

I don’t think the images I captured on this day are my best, but they show some of the avian players present at this time of the year. Tomorrow we visit Antelope Island. The images of the birds we met there are more satisfying.

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