2017-08-19 Willard Bay

Gray Catbird

Willard Bay was a last-minute addition to our ad hoc tour schedule for the Salt Lake City area. Our time in this state park was all too brief. Even so, it produced for me a Gray Catbird, a bird I’d seen as a vagrant once two miles from my home in San Diego County, but did not photograph. Other birds encountered this morning were Orange-Crowned Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Western Wood-Pewee, and Western Tanager.

So “Thank You Utah”. I appreciate the cool birding your part of the planet has let me share. I’m not sure how I’d fare in my old age through your winters, but my two spring and summer visits have been amazing. I hope to see more of your fine country in the future.

My next post will be images from August 21st while in the shadow of the moon.

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