2017-09-12 Crescent City To Klamath River

Pacific Loon - Gavia pacifica
This unfortunate juvenile bird’s feathers were covered in oil. I wasn’t able to intervene, and I don’t know what its fate was.

I drove south to Crescent City Monday afternoon and scouted the harbor for bird possibilities. The light from the west swayed me from any inclination to take photographs. Tuesday morning promised to be better, so I used the rest of the day to finish blogging about Gold Beach.

Crescent City is rather vigilant about overnight parking, so I drove to Walmart to spend the night. I found a quiet, level spot and settled in to finish the Gold Beach blog, but I was approached by a fellow traveller who’d observed a shady character on a bicycle hovering around my van and studying my rig. I’d heard another traveller had been victimised by thieves at this Walmart and I decided to drive to Smith River to sleep at a wide pullout there.

Tuesday morning I returned to Crescent City, had breakfast, and shot good photos back at the harbor. I found Black-Bellied Plover, Black Turnstone, Common Loon, Great Egret, Pacific Loon, Pigeon Guillemot, Short-Billed Dowitcher, and Western Gulls to photograph. The loons and the guillemots I saw were all juvenile birds.

Later, I drove south and found the Klamath River Mouth where more otters entertained me. I spent the night right there and drove a short distance to the Log Cabin Diner for breakfast and make plans to drive south past Fortuna and cross over the Coast Range to Red Bluff then south to Willows and visit Sacramento NWR, Colusa NWR and wing it from there.

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