2018-05 More Moments With Yardbirds

Hutton's Vireo - Vireo huttoniThis past week I’ve been sneaking an hour or so in the late afternoon (when the light is favorable) to break from my projects and spend time with some of my yardbirds. Sometimes it’s enough to just listen to them sing, as spring is a great time for songs. Local singing emanates from resident Spotted Towhees, Bewick’s Wrens, House Wrens, Orange-Crowned Warblers, Oak Titmouse, and others. This time of year there are Hooded Orioles, Yellow Warblers setting up territories and other birds that will nest nearby, such as Western Tanagers, Black-Headed Grosbeaks and Western Flycatchers (Pacific-Slope FC).

Spring in San Diego sees birds migrating in large numbers. Warblers are especially active. Places like Point Loma are quite active, but I can’t devote the requisite time to chase them. While Poway may not get as many birds as the coast does, there are still good numbers passing by my house. Townsend’s and Black-Throated Grays have been passing through and feeding on small insects in my oak trees, but they don’t stay very long. Some of these birds, such as the Yellow Warblers and Western Flycatchers, will spend the summer here, others, like Black-Headed Grosbeaks and Western Tanagers will hang around a bit longer before moving on.

Below are images of the birds I was able to capture.

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