2019-08-12 Day Two in Crescent City

Common Murre - Uria aalge
The last time I met this bird in Crescent City California near the boat basin of the harbor, it was wearing its winter garb.

Time to wave goodbye to Crescent City and get moving south again. I expanded my awareness of the surrounding coastline yesterday, but still the harbor drew me back. It was a beautiful day, and though I didn’t meet as many new birds I might have hoped for, I enjoyed those I encountered, and all the places where I spent time.

Peeps again were tempting my lens. Least and Western Sandpipers scurried hither and yon on the sandy beach near the lighthouse. Later, back over to the Citizen’s Dock side of the harbor, I ran into a Common Murre, a Common Loon, and a shy Tringa-type bird I believe was a plain colored Wandering Tattler without the patterned breast I’m used to seeing. I finally decided there was no other ID that made sense.

Having spent the morning hours exploring the coast, and as much as I enjoy the birds of the harbor, inevitably, I must head south. I’m not sure how far down the coast I’ll get today. There are several possibilities I’m considering. Included are Klamath River area, the Eureka area, the Matinole Road, and who knows?

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