2019-09-19 Head Shots

Common Yellowthroat - Geothlypis trichasMy first instinct when photographing wildlife, especially birds, is to capture their entire essence. That usually means getting them to fit in the frame. But sometimes, what the subject gives me is too close to fit in the frame. When the entire frame is not as interesting as the part with their face, I am not opposed to cropping an image if it means there is a better story in the cropped version. But cropping won’t work well if the image lacks sufficient detail.

I’ve assembled a gallery of 41 images that fit into these two categories (too close to fit, and cropped). Some of these images work better for me than others, but I had fun rounding them up into one corral.

Update! Following my 2021 expedition to Texas, I added a BUNCH more images to the gallery.

If you look at the location map, you may notice the images were captured across much of western North America. There are images dating as far back as 2003, but some were gathered as recently as this year.