2020-10-22 Gallery Updates and Stories From The Road

Dirty Socks Spring - Scenery
I stayed here on my first night out, but this photo is from an earlier trip.

In the nine days since my last post, I’ve been sharing my work on my Facebook page. I’ve updated eight more galleries and recalled an old memory of a great day at the Salton Sea.

I’m now on the road and bound for Idaho. Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented or discouraged my pursuit of bird photography so far. I’m staying with good friends in June Lake California, where smoke from fires west of the Sierra Nevada Mountains has drifted over to the eastern slopes and created unhealthful air for man and beast. Add to that some malfunctions to the systems in my RV that compromise survival in cold weather (generator and propane systems), and I’ve questioned whether continuing north is such a good idea.

All of the RV repair facilities in the region are booked for weeks or months ahead, or I’d be laying over for a day or two in Bishop, Carson City or Reno Nevada and not stressing about my situation.

Today I had a breakthrough when my propane system started delivering fuel once again to my appliances. Now I’m confident in my ability to survive the cold and continue north. Arrangements have been made, so when I get to Idaho, a repair shop will go through my systems and get them all straightened out. Tomorrow I plan to bid farewell to my friends in June Lake and resume my journey northward.

Meanwhile I’d like to share with you some of the updates I’ve been working on on the website. Following are links to those pages: Spotted Towhee, Ash-Throated Flycatcher, Wilson’s Phalarope, the Salton Sea, Lark Sparrow, and White-Crowned Sparrow.

My next post should have some new experiences to share (let’s hope so anyway)!