2020-11-02 Recent Updates

Considering we are into November here in Idaho, the weather has been mild. Days have been mostly in the sixties, while nights have been in the twenties and thirties. I’ve not had my camera out since I got here, as I’ve been enjoying the company of my good friends here.

I’ve been continuing to update galleries in the Birds I Have Known galleries as best I can. Below is a list of the species I’ve updated since my last post.

Some species galleries have had additional images added, but it is the descriptions I’ve concentrated on. My goal is to expand the content from the one or two sentence descriptions of the original construction, to include more detailed information about the range, habitat and behaviour of the subjects. I’ve also added some memories of the birds I’ve enjoyed meeting with my camera. One advantage to sharing information on the web, as opposed to in a printed format, is the ability to revise and include details that may have eluded the original presentation. There is a lot of information I neglected to include when first I built the species galleries. Much work remains ahead, but little-by-little I hope to remedy this weakness.