2020-11-24 Late November Gallery Updates

Northern Harrier - Circus hudsonius
This Marsh Hawk was making such a racket with its vocalizations, it caught my attention. It was a lovely day at the Gilbert Water Ranch. The weather was mild, and the winds were calm. Gilbert is in the Greater Phoenix area of Arizona.

Sometime next week I expect to be back on the road in search of new birds to meet. For now, I’m still working on my friend’s home in Thatcher, getting some electrical issues sorted out. When I conclude my projects here, I plan to roll out onto the road toward New Mexico, where places like Bosque del Apache call to me. 

During my down-times here in Thatcher, I continue to review the birds from recent stops, feed the species galleries with fresh images, and expand the descriptions as I’ve shown in recent posts. I’ve just finished working through the birds I met at the Gilbert Water Ranch. The galleries I addressed were: