2021-07-31, More From Behind The Scenes

Wilson's Snipe - Gallinago delicataMy RV projects are going well, but slow. I found a few weaknesses in the boat-lift (I’ll have to share details sometime, but not just now.) I still have some work before I’m done. It’s just as well I’m finding the problems now. When I’m on the road, I won’t have the shop available to make corrections.

In between the RV projects, I keep pecking away at the bird gallery descriptions. This morning I finished grooming the Shorebird set. Including the Heron, Kingfisher, Nightjar, and Nuthatch galleries (24 species) I shared on my last epistle, I’ve now completed 115 gallery updates. Certainly, there’s still “miles to go before I sleep”, but I’m making progress.

I’m still learning a lot as I research information to include in the descriptions for the Birds I Have Known galleries. My goal is to provide usable information about each species in the galleries, without getting too deep in the technical and scientific nomenclature, yet elevate the conversation above the “see spot run” type of dialog. In other words, to build a bridge between the beginning and the advanced levels of experience.

The sets I’m sharing today are: Orioles (7 species), Parrots (5 species), Rails (10 species), Raptors (30 species), and Shorebirds (40 species). I apologize for the flooding nature of these notifications, with the attendant droughts in between. The alternative would be to send out a stream of newsletters with one or two accounts per email. That approach seems like a bad idea to me.

If there are folks out there looking for more frequent updates, I recommend regularly checking my FaceBook page: <https://www.facebook.com/JackDaynes.shadeTreeImaging/>. I’ve been posting one account per day there. I haven’t posted all the accounts I’m sharing here, but eventually I will. 

I hope some of you find value in these presentations. Next up: Sparrows (39 species)