2022-03-24 Crescent City to Pistol River

Pacific Wren - Troglodytes pacificus
Two weeks ago, while on my trip up the Pacific coast, my ears met a member of this species north of Orick (California). This day, in southern Oregon at the Lone River Beach, just north of Brookings (Oregon), would be the day I would get my first images of the elusive Pacific Wren.

My morning in Crescent City started off slow but well enough. I got a few more pictures of the horned grebe like I wanted. Then I drove up the coast and stopped at a few places to enjoy the ambiance and the birds.

Driving north out of California, the first river-crossing in Oregon is the Winchuck River. I stopped a while there and found a dozen shy Buffleheads and a pair of Hooded Mergansers. While at the river mouth, I had visits with some local folks, and I got some tips about places in the region I might enjoy visiting. One such place was the Lone Ranch Beach, and it provided the best meetings of the day.

When a Golden-Crowned Sparrow met me at the parking lot, I had a good feeling about my chances to meet birds here. Soon I was joined by White-Crowned Sparrows and Song Sparrows. I hadn’t seen a Golden-Crowned Sparrow in a while and it was nice to make their acquaintance again.

The best meeting by far happened on a walk I took from the parking lot down to a small Creek that fed into the beach below. There, I met Pacific Wrens and got nice images of them. This is a bird that I’d met in Orick (California) two weeks ago, but it frustrated me with its shyness. Today the birds made up for their bad manners on my last meeting with them.

When I finished at Lone ranch, I continued North for 15 miles to a place I’d camped in the past at the mouth of the Pistol River, and there’s where I settled in for the night. I enjoyed my spot so well that I stayed two nights and caught up with some of my story-telling chores.

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